MVW Apocalypsis Challenge


Like a month ago, one of the MVW challenges was to create a poster where we told the humanity that the world was ending. And the challenge was to pick how it will end and what we would wear to give those news.

I decided to give a bit of a twist to it, and presented a story in my poster. The idea is that there are this unknown beings that are attacking Earth, they always wanted to take over but there was a group of Superhumans who worked in the shadows defending ourselves from them. So we didnt know about this threat, but now, they were more power and dangeraous and they are taking over the Earth, so the Superhumans didnt have another option but to reveal themselves to us, and invite us to join them in the fight.

The poster is exactly that, inviting people to join the Superhumans, showing their leader (Leah) in both, a calm stance, providing confidence and tryign to get people to trust them.. and in another smaller picture, fighting alongside with a human against the threat.

I styled and posed for both models and it was too much fun to join the pictures to make the one that they are fighting!! Leah Superhuman is taller her neck is super long and thinner, she is part alien part human. I even got the idea of creating different pictures to show the superhumans fighting in the different history periods, but then the last picture would have been too crowded! I never edit pictures on this apocalyptic/fighting theme and I really love how it ended up looking!

Thank you Ai for the feedback on the colors & written part!!! :D

All the pictures were published in the BOSL magazine December issue.

Hope you like it!

<3 Leah


On Leah Superhuman

sYs Orion bodysuit
LeeZu  BritPants
sYs Vogue shoes
LeeZu Nif Nif gloves
LOQ hair shaven hairbase
Yayo war paint (tinted)
Gauged Elf ears
Fate Eyes
Teefy Spacesuit collar
Bluecross VSO-204 tech Viper Bones
NeurolaB Inc Cyber Belt x-2
Loovus Dzevavor hair Swing (retextured)
Soedara Tarantia d’Or Duae Head Jewel
Glam Affair Roza – The Arcade

On Leah human

Choco Merino Sweater
Applebutt jeans grey
Insanya Street Army top
Shakeup kitty attack makeup
Corvus Murder face tattoo
Dirt all over tattoo
Bother Baggage Digicam
Deco Mesh Harness Boots
DL: troublemaker belt
Maitreya Sasha (retextured)
Glam Affair Lilith America Skin


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